June 20, 2024

4 thoughts on “Fabio Borini Exposes Flaws Within Chelsea Academy

  1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with CFC academy except that the great expectations from the CFC management makes it difficult for any incumbent coach\manager to experiment with the upcoming players. I believe that once a coach/manager is given time to integrate these young players, it will not be long before we see a quite good number of them evolving from the rank.

    Our policy of no trophy no deal syndrome will never permit us to integrate these young promising lads, since the manager would be more interested in protecting his job by using the best and most tested and experienced players in title quest.


  2. I am afraid I will have to disagree with regards to the policy changing. We can still integrate youth into the team without compromising on our trophies, All the good managers have done it successfully. Look at the Alex Fergusons or Pep Guardiola while he was at Barcelona.

    I think the trick is trying to find the right balance and not just going in and doing a drastic overhaul, while having a lot more faith in our youths. I like the way RDM is going with taking team members like Piazon, Todd Kane and Chalobah on the tour. Considering how many fronts we generally compete on, being able to rotate between the new signings and our youths could be the ticket to keeping the squad fresh and competing on all fronts…

    Plus there is always the Carling…. sorry Capital One Cup (God I hate the new name).

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