December 6, 2023

2 thoughts on “Frank Lampard Set for a Contract Extension?

  1. He deserve to be given even more than two years, he is putting good influence in a club he has tried to show the club fans that he can maintain constant performance, he a good penalty taker compare to all players in Chelsea, he has high rate of scoring yet he is a midfielder, according to me Lampard should be given another 3 year contract in chelsea its good to keep players who have experience in football, good example is GIGGS in man u, he can remain there even if not playing but to keep around advising players, giving them ideas, which can be even to side of chelsea, thats all to me hoping all chelsea fans we love lampard, i will never for get the match between chelsea and Aston vila, he was man of the match. why do you keep Torres and you chess Lampard ?

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