July 17, 2024

6 thoughts on “Blues must sell forwards before they buy

  1. I agree strongly with u on this. I would only add that Chelsea should build our young players so that they play in the senior team and stop spending money on big names all the time. Let’s have a youth system like Barca. Remember that Messi came out of their youth system and has become the greatest player on earth

  2. Sell Torres, loan Lukaku. Schurrle, Ba and Cavani should take us to the promised land of goals

    Sell Mikel, Moses, Benayoun, Malouda, Ferreira, Hilario, Turnbull, John Terry and Essien and buy a tough central defender to partner Luiz, Cahill and Ivanovic

    Buy a tough and skilful DM to replace Mikel and Essien. Romeo will partner the DM for the season.

    Ramirez, Mata, Lampard, Oscar, Schurrle, Hazard and one more experienced, matured and skilful attacking midfielder should help deliver the goals aplenty

  3. Torres should be the first one out, poor record in the league, does not suit Chelsea’s style and will probably warm the bench with heavy wages if Cavani arrives.

  4. good opinion i strongly proceed that let stop this striker issue now ba and torres should go and pave way for new striker if we have rooney he will play 9 verywell and lukaku and schurrle will support him i think that will solve our striker problem.

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