July 18, 2024

6 thoughts on “Mourinho: I’m ready to take Eden Hazard to the next level

  1. chelsea is very good they need to buy some interesting player like derosi lewandosly alaba.. Chelsea for life

  2. True supporter and writer, indeed. I have the BLUE blood running in me, too. Hazard is quite a handful and it is my strongest prayer that he doesn’t get hurt. 2 or 3 matches out would affect our tempo for real.

  3. I love chelsea wit al my heart.i love harzard bcos he is jst lyk messi,i believe with time he wil win d world best title.love you{D BLUES}

  4. I think we will soon be experiencin d era of EDEN, BALE and NEYMAR this is d next genration of talents emergin in d world at d moment.

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