December 4, 2023

11 thoughts on “Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea: Highlights, Penalties, & Reaction

  1. Removing torres and playing on lukaku was a total gambling that cause defeat to chelsea.lukaku can not play one man attack he dont have the staminer to hold defenders to ransume like torres.with lukaku introduction,all bayarn defenders mounted pressure on chelsea leaving their keeper to play in polls and defend as well.leaving mikel on bench was also the cause of ramires red card becouse he was over worked. Chelsea should be making used of two attackers at a time.

  2. Jos made a very big mistake, wen he knws dat any other card given 2 ramirez is red he should ve changed him earlier b4 d red card. I am sad.

  3. Jose would av introduce mikel rather than taken Torres out 4 fuckng Lukaku. Lukaku shld go 4 anode year loan again bcuz he was just jogging round d pitch without any contribution. He playd penalty like a professional intead of him to play short

  4. why ar u afrd of talking abt d officiating???.in my opinion, and by de rules of d game; Boateng,Mandzukic,and Dante, shud hv all been on RED. It is d plan of UEFA, for Chelsea to loose. Also Mikel shud hv played, insted of Lampard. He(Lampard) was shorting one for Chelsea.

  5. Stop complainin and get ready for worst season with shameless mou.. signing mourinho for the second time is the worst decision Chelsea have ever made

  6. Up chelsea!! I dnt y mou is still using dat old lampard.y is he bench mikel…let talk truth mou is d 1 dat let bayarn 2 defet chelsea..up chelsea

  7. Up blues,lukaku is no expirience player,i shuld hv prefare tores.mou shud hv replac ramires wit mikel b4 d second yello cad.instend of inexpirienc lukaku.dos it tink dis is westbrom,wit lukaku chelsea was short 2?he dos nt tack,no contributn 2 d squad at all.

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