December 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “Blow for Chelsea as Wayne Rooney will not ask for a transfer

  1. It seems Rooney started this just to influence or draw attention to himself,that has been his way, he did it couple of years ago to force an increment on his wage,as well as extended contract,he is doing it again this time to enforce his relevancy to the club.He is just a selfish and whining player,Chelsea should forget about him and sign another striker before it becomes too late. Rooney is just playing his usual game,Chelsea should have known the history of this guy before getting themselves involved.

    He did similar thing even if not exactly with ManC just to get himself new contract and a ballooned wage couple of years back,so you guys should not be surprised if he Rooney is going nowhere, he has just or almost achieved his main objective that is to remain important and pampered by the club.If really he did wanted to depart from Manchester United,he knows how to go about it,he should have made his desires open by making it public or put in a transfer request but because he intends going nowhere, non of the two has he done and never will do!

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