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Chelsea looking to hijack Willian, but do we need him?

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In what appears to be a surprising development, Chelsea are in negotiations with Anzhi Makachkala to sign playmaker Willian. The 25-year-old is believed to be undergoing a medical at Tottenham ahead of a £30 million move. Tottenham hijacked the player from Liverpool, and Chelsea are ready to give them a dose of their own medicine. He has not signed a contract with Tottenham yet and Chelsea still have time to complete the deal.

Willian is a playmaker capable of playing as anyone of the three behind the striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation, but we have enough of those players already.

Andre Villas-Boas says that he was not aware of the sudden interest from Chelsea.

“We were just involved in a game so unfortunately I can’t give you further information.” – Villas-Boas.

Mourinho said that the club did not have Rooney as the sole transfer target, and that there were options B and C as well.

“We have plans B and C. Don’t ask me names because it’s difficult to speak about players from other clubs.” – Mourinho.

Eleven midfielders and counting:

 Chelsea linked with Willian statistics 2013-14

If there was one area Chelsea didn’t need strengthening, then it had to be the midfield. The club has 11 midfielders without counting the likes of David Luiz, who can also play as a midfielder. Hence, you would assume that the club has finished its transfer activity in this position. In fact, that’s what Jose Mourinho has also been saying to the press. Chelsea have been linked only with strikers like Wayne Rooney and Samuel Eto’o.

This transfer would not make sense unless someone is sold, and strangely, it could be Juan Mata. He has been constantly linked with a move away since Mourinho came and he has played just over 60 mins this season.

To be honest, this seems like ‘Plan Z’ to me. Chelsea have had a past interest in Willian, but he is not a player we need right now; especially not at £30 million.

What do you think? Do Chelsea need him?


  1. We need willian

  2. We dont need william atall

    • adequate, nigeria

      u are a bad man, i am suspecting that u are man u fan. EVERYONE, pls observe dis man called ‘WEST’ carefully, he seems to be awolf in d midst of sheeps. Pls dont listen to him.

  3. we dont need williams, all we need is a striker in the form of wayne wazzer runie or lewandoski

  4. I don’t think willian is a type of player chelsea needs right now, and sellin mata wil be a mistake 2 chelsea. All what we need is a good striker that wil bring competition with lukaku

  5. we need good striker ooh and willian because he play every were for us.

  6. I need willian,i wnt chelsea 2 sign willian befor transfer deal close.

  7. I need willian,i want chelsea to sign willian befor transfer deal close.

  8. we need him together with Wayne Rooney

  9. We need not forget dat we are building a team capable of winning trophies de coming years and we can’t allow such wizard to slip our hands.

  10. makaveli wycliffe

    he is better than moses

  11. We need striker, if chelsea sell juan mata is a big mistake for us. Although we can sign willian..


  13. My brother’s Roonry is the ans;

    • adequate, nigeria

      pls i nid to ask u, do u see man u selling rooney to chelsea, do u think it is feasible? Let us be realistic……

  14. I dnt see reason’s why we shud sign william….al we need is a striker and not jst a striker bt i good striker that can hlp to give wot we wnt….

    • adequate, nigeria

      yea brother, to butress ur point. A striker dat can pose threat to d defence of any club, a sharp and fast thinking striker, a striker that does not get tired easily, a striker dat has d potential to fires shot wen necessary. OMG!!!!, cfc, dont let me to start speaking in tongue before u buy good and strong players for me oooooo.

  15. Sabastine Yirakuuna

    We need Rooney or Eto’o n Willians 2 strenthen d bleus

  16. what if finally we didn,t get rooney don,t u think that he can be push forword and can do something

  17. why are all of u talking of mata going out,u forgot dat he just sign new contract

  18. We need him 4 d team 2 b more srenghtning nd also we need superb striker too.

  19. Plz get willian vry fast cuz he z d typ of player we nid nd get rooney

  20. We don’t need him at all,but selling juan mata is a big mistake don’t ever sell juan mata,because juan mata is beter than willian,mata knows how to play in premier league,mata has been given award has the best player ot the year twice.

  21. Y should we not need William, he is a Brazilian, a good player, we want competition in our team, we need to win trophies, yes we need a strike, but we also need competition in our team, what if there is Injury, lets see it this way.

  22. Signing williams will not solve our problems in chelsea, all what we need is a top class striker.

  23. Willian is real quality, he’s perfect with both feet, and I think he’ll make chelsea stronger. But I also think the actual brain behind all these is to spoil totenham and Madrid’s party…

  24. Paulash 4rom Taraba, ussa

    Willian is a gud player but in his position we already have Oscar who is benching him even at international level. So i think we should forget about willian and face our striking problem to strengthens our squad.

  25. We definitely need a creative midfielder in the person of William…if you have watched our matches you will discover that we are lacking in that area.Again,even if we get Roodney he will find it difficult to score.Why?cos there’s no creative midfielder.Ba struggles in every match bcos no creative midfielder.Hazard runs round with the ball so much that he forgets he has team mates…so we need a distributor…I know some will say what about Mata?I don’t see Jose usin him much..Why?he is too frail..Jose likes players with power and agility…

  26. let williams come n we still a gd n a better skriker dat can deliever at anytme wit age on his side

  27. Ekeh47 4rm kuje abj

    We don’ nd willians,we nd a super striker nt jt a striker but addin willians wt a super striker it mak chelsea more stronger

  28. I await d signing of willian, and Rooney. Perfect targets 4 d blues.

  29. 4me IȊ̝̊̅ don’t ever think that we need bcos we have got a lot of midfidas and agn those new players in the likes of Jinkel and schrull are not really good 4club like chelsea. They are not good at all so if ‎​u get William then loan out either one of those two. We need good striker and not midfidas anymore.

  30. William can play lampard position and the vectran midfelder is not geting younger anymore at age of 35. Cfc need william.