July 18, 2024

11 thoughts on “Chelsea CEO Ron Gourlay hints at more transfer activity

  1. Everything has kept very quiet on Bertrand Traore as well after his explosive start with the first team squad in Asia this summer. I believe his birthday is next month when he will be able to register fully with Chelsea but will be expected to be loaned out to a foreign club due to work permit issues. I think Chelsea have kept him at a low profile as they don’t want the lad attracting the interest of wealthy foreign clubs.

  2. Moses we know,williems we dose not know,i dont think we should risk what we know for what we did nt have his idea,Victor is a good player lets keep him.

  3. The CEO,jose and cfc are all fools. how is it proper to loan an exprience player like moses and Ba when the average new signings gikel,andre who doesn’t have any experience at all.to ♍γ̲̣̣̥ surprise,jose cannot figure out his best xi.

  4. ℓ̊ can’t believe these,morino cannot play ticky- tacker football.that is why he’s not playing .mikel and mata and he’s pleased with long-football is playing.the current cfc team is capable Ø̶̷̩̥̊͡Ƒ̶̷̩̥̊͡ playing enteraiment football and also et the result.

  5. Y should u people be thinking of letting moses leave, let me ask this qustion, Moses and Kelvin De Bruine, who is better than the other, for now until we see willian play, Moses and Hazard are the two chelsea players that can be able to make our oponents look confused with the way the use their legs, Moses has more epl experience than Andrew and Kelvin, dou it is good to give this guys the chance to show their tallents, but lets not make mistake about it. On Mikel’s case, let me ask now Mikel and Esien who do chelsea need most now, if u ask me i will say Mikel, we should not let him leave.

  6. Jose is mad, he want moses n ba out of chelsea, stupit man, i promise he will b sack soon

  7. Ba shold go and mikel shold stay because we need mikel in our midfield suplayin the right pass at the right time dat is the kind of mid chelsea need, moses.shold stay low till enden of transferwindow let see

  8. Y r u talking like this,so u expect mourinho to perform magic at chelsea abi?we all want result but we are not ready to make sacrifices,that is d problem about we chelsea fans,always complaining all the time deciding who and who not to play unlike manchester united fans whol always respect their coach decisions!moses and ba are good players,who cares about that,abi the team should win,compare the way chelsea played against bayern nd the way we played against atletico maldrid,mikel is a gud player,we all knw that but wat have we acheived? Chelsea is a team so u all should kip quiet about individual players,players we always come and go,all these players that you are mentioning also pursued some players on their arival

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