December 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Fears grow as David Luiz refuses to talk about Barcelona

  1. Luiz is going nowhere,and if he wants to force a transfer because of stupid Alves is enticing him,then I recommend he should be benched part or for the whole season,or be consigned to train with the reserves.I don’t really think in reality that there’s anything Barcelone would offer him that he has not got or would be getting with Chelsea, Since the last two season he had been with the club he has won almost everything that’s needed to be won,champions league, fa cup,europa,it’s only epl trophy that he’s not won,and that’s the next thing to fight for and not to run away from.Anyways unless if Chelsea doesn’t really want him,but if they do then barca is just wasting there time!

  2. I would be happy if David Luiz would come to Barcelona. I always want the best for my friends and advise them to join Barca if they get the chance,” – Dani Alves. What is the best thing for David? to go to a team that where been beaten 7 to nothing in a Semi Final? I think it is really sad all that i can say is that you dont know what you are saying Alves or Allvex. Short Up Ur Mouth.

  3. luiz d best divender in erop dat y barca trac him luiz is not 4 sal go 4 frii tranfer hnd cahct it

  4. Alves should rest, maybe he is thinking about the possibility of meeting Chelsea in the champions league and being their bad omen. the truth is he rather be for him than against him. LUIZ IS NOT FOR SALE AND THAT IS IT. like my boss said they should go for the their second choice and stop wasting their time. or better still we can consider a swoop deal if they can offer MESSI as exchange.

  5. Ohhh poor Dani Alvez, Luiz is not for sell if want to play with him I can advise you to join at Chelsea, but you will be a third choice after Ivanovic and Azplicate. Are you ready for that?

  6. Dani alves shud go and die,cus luiz is goin no were.unles dey wil offer neymer and messi.den we wil giv dem luiz.

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