June 20, 2024

1 thought on “Mata linked with Arsenal and Atletico Madrid as rumours grow

  1. Is this the kind of happy re-union start we hoped with José? No. Is this a bad start? No, buht l sure do know that too much of everything (including good things especiali in situations like this i.e. Trying to prove something out of nothing) is very bad. Spending unnecessary money on unwanted players is certainly most uncalled for. Mourinho is a super-tactician but spending without guidance, at the detriment of your most established players, this is very unacceptable at Chelsea. At theare of dreams, I saw a Chelsea team been teared to shreds by a less fancied but well organised array of Man utd players who have already played team football together with all their best players on the pitch. The Club “Chelsea” have spoken twice about their best player of the two previous seasons. Would someone please wake me up from this nightmare. I rest my case.

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