December 4, 2023

14 thoughts on “Most valuable sports teams in the world – Where is Chelsea?

  1. We need Rooney and Eto’ badly but we still need to keep Torres no matter what ppl say,we don’t give a fuch Chelsea know what they are doing.Thx.

    1. Chelsea needs eto’o for what?? @what age? Abeg go for rooney &stop shopping for 30+ players

  2. chelsea really need rooney because he is an expérience player N i knw hé can do more better than torres doh…..but torres is still mah Best .

    1. Rooney can’t not do more than Torres, so, torres is chelsea best striker in our squad now

      1. who say eto’o is nt ok bcos of his age. i beg leave age mata n c wot he can do. he can score mor dan messi self, go watch d guy

  3. Chelsea is de best football club in England as of now, thanks to you Jose mourinho, you are real de happy one. I hail u mou, up blues

  4. I’m appealing to all chelsea member,the owner,the staff,the manager to strive to bring Rooney to stamford bridge because,our attacking force is sharky we need a goal porcher like any team in the history of football can do without a striker am so impressed for what jose is doing so far.UP BLUES………

  5. I think Chelsea management need to be careful in deciding who there next shining’ll be cos i don’t think we need ronney..infact i belive going for players lik chicharito will do.

  6. Even if we dnt mak it in rooney,i stil need does important gaols 4rm torres,but we need rooney 4 canter atack.

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