December 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Mourinho: Luiz not for sale, and happy with Eto’o links

  1. Ohhh poor Barca and Dani Alves who has an ongoal yesterday against Swaziland, how was that fantastic goal? Luiz will not join Barca.

  2. poor dany. y wont u go to hell wt do ur tatoed arms? u can see dat david is nt 4 sale. we love him & we need hm @d bridge

  3. Luiz is going nowhere##Will never forgive Dani Alves Fᵒʳ his poor display and own goal yesterday,he made me lose so much of money###blue till i die

  4. Luiz is going nowhere we love hem,as for dani alves we have to forgive hem nobody is above mistake

  5. Luiz going nowhere poor barcelona should find another alternative as for dani alves he go 2 hell wit his tatoued harms mad alves.

  6. Luiz is not for sell we love him thanks for luiz for not coment on his future n a big thanks to our boss jose mourinho for been a man of his words.barca should look somewhere else as for alves we should 4give him for if there is no sin there won’t be forgiveness.i love chelsea n i love the bridge.

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