February 28, 2024

35 thoughts on “UEFA Super Cup 2013: Bayern Munich vs Chelsea – Preview

  1. I’ll advise d special one to use players that r strong n more defensive if at all he wants to win the game n as such Lampard shd b rested 4 d first minutes of d game,while Mikel,Mata,Oscar,Hazard,Ramaries n Tores shd form d midfield n attackin line,while Schurrle shd b introduced 2 rainforce d attackin line,as 4 defence i believe d special one knws wht is absolutely bst 4 him,up Chelsea 4 real,Chelsea ka zan zan.

  2. This is best formation Jose use and defeat 4-2-3-1 cech, cole, cahill, terry, mikel,ramires, mata,hazard,shurrle and lukaku. David luiz and kalas is likely to play.

  3. I knw all my player wil not 4up 4 today up chelsea 4life.i knw we go win d match with 2.1 pls all chelsea fans we need to prayer over it

  4. Jose pls we need to win this match, play all form player to win d match pls put mikel and luis pls ok.

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