February 23, 2024

5 thoughts on “Chelsea 1-2 Basel 2013 – Report, Reaction, and Highlights

  1. Let’s talk to Jose himself and forget about spirits of sportmanship.The owner and CFC fans need to warn Jose for his wrong start line-up for each team.Let’s take Man U for instance.He make a wrong selection against them that made him to lost the match.The questing is”Why creating personal intrest in some of his players”?

  2. jose should loan Hazard to Q.P.R he is one of the players that is letting chelsea down his style of play this time is not encouraging at all . and to other players i think they are doing good especially OSCAR and SAMUEL ETO’O at the front

  3. Jose should stop caling his players young eggs.these are player Rafe use 2 defeat basel last time home and alway.who is young?part 4rm oscar and harzard.he should do d right tin by playin mata

  4. We thank God! But i think Jose should be care with the nature of his subtitution, William was playing well, and midfilders did not create good scoring chances for Eto’o. Above all Jose should restore the counter attacking pattern of football.

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