February 28, 2024

12 thoughts on “Juan Mata on his Chelsea future and winning more trophies

  1. Jose Mourinho is rightfully ONLY interested in results. Mata is a fantastic player but cannot defend very well and not good at tracking back and helping his full back and defence out. It is just one of the reasons that Chelsea’s defence over the last few seasons has been poor. We haven’t been able to defend a lead for a long time now. Mourinho is changing that. Most games Chelsea will be starting on the front foot but in those games where we need to defend in numbers Mata will be on the bench. It’s making hard decisions like that that makes Jose so successful at winning things.

    1. Great comments Alan, although I feel Hazard is bad at tracking back than Mata. If you have players like Mata and Hazard, you can hurt your opposition going the other way. That’s the problem with Mourinho. He’s too defensive.

  2. I d media had blown d mata issue out of proportion, its right to save d best for d best, remember jack wilshere

  3. Take a luk at ozil in madrid,ozil isn’t gud in trackin back jus like mata nd mourinho use him well,so u dnt knw wat mourinho wil do with mata

  4. I really luv mata,d three attacking midfield(MAZACAR)i really luv dem all,see u in ur place soon mata

  5. Am using this this opportunity to say morinho is a useless coach for benching mata.mata is the best player at chealsea right now.am not chealsea fan am barca for life.morinho will be sack very soon.

  6. you are very right lawal, am true blue fan dat LOVE Jose but now his d most useless coach have ever since that why he cost us the SUPER CUP with his defencive INFORMATION, My question is, why should a responsinble coach change a WINNING team just like that, beaching the likes of mata, mikel etc. Is better for him to go back to the winning TEAM befor he will be disgrace out of starmdford Bridge

  7. Alan you are right. Mou likes physical players. David ozil tracks back better dan mata n is more physical dan juan also but I feel mata still has lots to show and mou would giv him dat chance

  8. yes you are right young.am true blue fan dat love jose but nowhis d most coach have ever I really luv mata d three attacking midffeld. pls mourinho make mata a return to the first-team for the match

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