February 23, 2024

9 thoughts on “Mata losing the fight against Oscar despite good performance

  1. It is my strong believe that Mourinho is solely responsible to any kind of headlong issues with the President. In my own humble opinion, Mr Abramovich has tried his best on this Chelsea Football Club all through these ten years (even Angels know this to be true). Whatever happens, José is to blame, and him alone must take the responsibilities to shoulder the burden of how an army of attacking minded talents would be strictly and grossly used as defensively pawns. At a particular point on the 30th of August 2013, I watched on helplessly as Chelsea could only muster an average of 176 passes when Bayern Munich (not Barcelona Fc) have thrown over 400 passes with well inferior midfielders. It was a farrago of nonsense that was demonstrated by our reverred Coach. For one thing, l love Mr Mourinho like a brother, but when Hull City, Aston Villa, Manchester United would play an all attacking minded Chelsea in the 2nd halves of play in the best league in world football, l honestly would advice Mr Abramovich to seek audience with the gaffer. Is this the kind of happy re-union start we hoped with José? No. Is this a bad start? No, buht l sure do know that too much of everything (including good things especially in situations like this i.e. Trying to prove something out of nothing) is very bad. Spending unnecessary money on unwanted players is certainly most uncalled for. Mourinho is a super-tactician but spending without guidance, at the detriment of your most established players. At the theatre of dreams, I saw a Chelsea team been teared to shreds by a less fancied but well organised array of Man utd players who already played team football together with all their best players on the pitch. The Club “Chelsea” have spoken twice about their best player of the two previous seasons. I rest my case.

  2. Passing accuracy of mata is good but we need someone who can change the game and dynamic.this opening of the season i realize oscar perform better then mata and hazard..hard for me to say but that is what i saw in the previous games.

  3. Remmy I support u,am a die fan of mourinho,infact he made me love chelsea the more during his first reign as a coach but right now am seeing a different person.it took benithez 4 to 5matches to gt chelsea going,and I must confess to u,he brought the best out of chelsea,chelsea played a different ball game and was creating chances.As a coach, mourihno should’ve tried out haZard,mata and oscar b4 trying to bring about this division cos left to me they are the best u can ever have in that middle,don’t xpect every player to be defensively good,we find it difficult to score cos his not playing,when 10 of them are defending Mata alone can give u that creativity,his a fantastic player. I pray Mourinho will realize on time b4 its too late.

  4. Am also a fan of mourinho bt dis tym around i dnt think he has something 2offer chelsea, better steal he shld go back 2benitez style of played

  5. My observation is dat chelsea fans are too demanding they want miracle 2 happen immediately,they want u 2 perform magic as coach,u ask 4 mourinho Abra gave it 2 u,nw u re complaining in jst 4 matches of d season,jst b cus he didn’t play mata well,what happen 2 oscar is he nt a good player, 2 me as a chelsea fans he is a beta player dan mata he is a big match player while u cn only see mata in a more flexible matches.
    Gardiola sell barca 2 most important players Ronaldinho n eto o and still went on 2 became d best coach in their history,why nt leave mourinho 2 do his work and forget abt what we think,what gud coach did u av again Europe dat chelsea ve nt hire and fire b4,d others coaches watch word Is now ‘d fear of chelsea is d beginning of wisdom’. The only mistake I think he made is that he shld av sell mata since he knows he didn’t fit into his plan. Mancini spent 3 n half yrs in Man C. With multi millions worth of player Without fans lukin 4 his head. Pls leave this man for us 2 enjoy and let him do his job

    1. thanx wale, ur head dey there. I dont knw why some peeps cnt just be patience. We hav nt bn halfway into d new season and they ar already mouth_watering. I cant blame them, they dnt knw what being a fan means. Which team apart frm liverpool hasnt tasted defeat this early period of the seasn. Thats y i admire liverpool fc & manU fans.

  6. D more u complain about jose’s tactics,d less u understand.so sit down n c where he take us before crucifying him.his name is jose nt benitez so y shud he walk d benitez road

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