May 19, 2024

48 thoughts on “Mourinho finally comes out with the truth about Juan Mata

  1. Mourino is finish he as ntin to offer.the earlier is sacked the betta for chelsea.D fans says dey prefer mourino to benites nw they will regret it and no dat notin is special about morino, he is jus a big foul.

  2. Mourinho is finished he as ntin to offer. azpilicueta was our full no2 last season(spain)today is on the bench.torres perform endin of last season(spain) today is on the bench.mata was our best player since he arrive(spain) today is on the bench. he hates spain.and we all chelsea fans we hate u.I pray u lost the next seven matches and be sacked.stubip man.I use to luv u but now I hate u with passion.U ar D Worst tin dat happen to chelsea.CHElsea til I die

  3. Jose Mourinho should allow Juan Mata play in the first eleven and stop suffering the spaniard. He’s a good player and we all know it because last season,he really helped Chelsea so he deserves to be in the first eleven. Also Ba shouldn’t be left out here too. As for our match today, Fernando Torres tried so i think he could be paid upfront atimes with Samuel Eto’o and Ba inclusive if possible.

  4. I think Oscar is so motivated and tireless.
    Chelsea lost against Basel,but everywhere you looked Oscar was in there.
    Mata has been a hero for the Blues,but I think he is outclassed by Oscar.
    But hey guys… what do I a silly woman know ?

  5. Mou got ntin to offer on less mata ply day 10 dat is wht we wnt i wnt mou to b sack.sack mou bring dematioe bck

  6. It is now i realise that mourinho is destroyer of clubs, when we need strike, he continue bring on midfielders, imagine (15) midfielders and he left out our best player for 2 consecutive years and telling us now that oscar is your no 10. He wanted to create commotion among the players. Play mata or be sacked. Up chelsea

  7. Those who are calling for Mouriho’s sack, should go to Stanford Bridge and do the sack. Not by making noise.

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