December 4, 2023

30 thoughts on “Petr Cech shows why he is the best goalkeeper in the world

  1. Petr Cech is the best in d world, and again losing to bayern does not mean we will lose again. Kudos to all chelsea players up blues

  2. Chelsea loosed gallantly. It shows dat chelsea is a rocksolid team to look up to. Up blues

  3. To me peter cech desever best goalkeeper in d world (up cech & up chelsea) or wot do u tink my fellow fanz.

  4. Peter cech is d best goal keeper in the world and losing the match again bayern munich doesn’t mean chelsea will lose forever.

  5. I agree with all my fellow fans,cech has done so well and deserve,d best goalkeeper in d world,

  6. He can be the best GK in the world but chelsea is the worst in the world…… Play to entertain not to defend alone shame on chelsea

  7. @ udennz…. U r jst an agry Arsenal fan, u shld bother abt ur club predicaments instead of using ur fon 2 type rubbish…. By d way wat r u doing here on chelsea’s site abi ur club cnt afford one? Jst get lost as u can c we r all happy ppl here.

  8. Udeenz i have not seen fan as stupid as u if at all u are a fan, besides if u are Arena fan u should be shameful as ur coach, for 8 seasons u have not touched a tea cup yet u are opening ur toilet in de name of a mouth to comment, as united fan chelsea deprived man U 4rm F.A & calling cup u beta b ashame of urself. I REMAIN BLUE TILL I DIE

  9. In the land of england and the tymes of epl the destiny of a great club rest on a shoulder of a man his name mourinho….UP CHELSEA

  10. Losing super cup dose not mean dat chelsea will not beat bayer Munich agin b/c our people said dat he dat fights and run away live 2 fight another day,peter Cech u are still d best? I love blues up chelsea?

  11. i luv chelc wt al my hrt & soul & we rmend d bez in europe as lng as futbol is consen, bluz til dead.

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