December 4, 2023

32 thoughts on “Villas-Boas’ latest swipe at Chelsea is more funny than serious

  1. To be fair they have never sold to immediate competition like Chelsea. In any case there’s no reason for either side to get worked up. There is no bid and he hasn’t become a player worthy of talking about larger sums of money ..not yet.

  2. Those players left to go to Man.Utd and madrid you muppet. Not many turn down there tapping up. You must be a big fan of ‘The smug one.’

  3. GINGER SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY NEEDS A SLAP!! What a complete and utter D*CKHEAD !! AVB will always be nothing more than a POOR MANS MOURINHO! FACT! As for Spuds fans, they’re just a bunch of chickens perched on a beach ball. I rest my case. UTC!!

    1. with out money who would chelski be none fact…. mourinho didnt wana go back to chelski he wanted man u job how does that make you feel….. you sign eto and send lakaku on loan lool… your going to do fuckall this season so shut it ya mug

  4. Mr Chelsea fan:
    Spurs sold Carrick and Berbatov to United. They used the money to strengthen. You may observe (well, if you had intellectual acumen, you would), that United were nowhere to be seen as bidders for Modric and Bale. Why not? Well, put simply, Spurs have stepped up. No longer United’s bitches, but Real’s. Selling very best players outside of England IS an improvement to selling to an English club you are trying to get into a position to chellenge. Simple. Amazingly, all attempts to buy Modric were rebuffed, too…and although I am sure Chelsea would have loved to sign Bale, but never even tried. Why was that? Perhaps becuase they knew they wouldn’t have a chance!
    Also, you may have noticed that even United struggled to resist Real Madrid when they came in for Ronaldo, and eventually had to give in.
    Perhaps if you tried to think logically, rather than looking to make currency out of every little thing, your views would seem so ludicrous and unbalanced. Cheslea have had some great recent success, thanks to a Russian’s money, but that is all it is. Spurs have every right to consider themselves a big club – and big clubs have every right to be a bit peeved if an agent (and that’s what this was) says something like this about a player who has only just joined the club. If you were a little less insecure, perhaps you wouldn’t need to construe AVB saying Spurs are a big club as somehow impugning upon Chelsea’s ability to be seen as a big club (but, perhaps, that is a reflection of your awareness that Cheslea really are a parvenu club). Indeed, most people woldn’t see anything AVB said as ‘taking a swipe’ at Chelsea, at all.
    On the other hand, most people would see this as yet another instance of agents seeking to dominate the transfer window in order to engineer paydays for themselves, endangering club’s abilities to build teams. Further, given the relationship with Mourinho, and the relationship Chiriches agent had just had with him, it could even be yet another attempt by Mourinho at mishcief-making.

    1. F*ck me, this isn’t school. You got more time on your hands than sense. AVB is a complete and UTTER T**T! He’s nothing more than a POOR MANS MOURINHO! FACT!! Now F*CK OFF! CTID!!

      1. I bet you’re one of those fans who has a tattoo of chelsea on his arm? Chelsea till you die? Everything you’ve said would suggest that you really know your football. Maybe because you shave your head a lot. Mourinho is a character alright but AVB is much more rounded. Pull your head out of your arse pal.

      2. No, I don’t have lots of time on my hands – it just take me seeveral hours to string a couple of words toegether ;-/

      3. You clearly were not suckled by your mother when you were a babe. It’s clear for all to see you have deep seated anger issues that stem from the lack of any intimacy shown to you by your mother. Now take a deep breath. Relax. See a therapist and deal with your Mommy issues.

      4. Not a JCL – there are times when you have to hold your hands up and say I have made a complete twat of myself. Hold your hands up, admit it, move on and make sure they don’t type anything else for a long long time. Primary school is back on Monday – I’m sure they’ll do writing one day this week

    2. s_p while I agree with you, there is no point using big words and trying to sound clever when your grammar is terrible, it just looks like you have been sitting there with a thesaurus

      1. Joe.
        I’m glad that you agree with me.
        I wasn’t trying to ‘sound clever’ – I just naturally have an extensive vocabulary.
        My grammar isn’t ‘terrible’, it just isn’t designed to pass an English Language test – but I wasn’t trying to compose something grammatically tight. Why would I, it’s a Chelsea forum, not an academic paper.

  5. What a buy Willian was….30 mil bag of shit! Exactly how many players have Chelsea made money on? We bought car ruck for 2.5 mil, sold him for 18! We did that with all the players we’ve sold and bought a strengthened team as a result! Chelsea should be way ahead with the money they spend, but I’m personally glad you had willian… He’s a terrible player

  6. The way i see this AVB or what did u call him have no sense, chelsea conpair to spur in everything they are no place to be find and jose achivement to avb is more than ten times even the way i see it this avb have no future.

  7. I think you mean act ‘maturely’. ‘Are you still friendly with Mourinho?’ asked the press. ‘No, he is at another club and so am I’ says AVB. The press says’ ‘AVB hates Mourinho’. The Chelsea fans say ‘grow up AVB’. After the game when the cheating, diving, moaning Torres has scratched Vertonghan’s face and they have both fallen over in a challenge, Mourinho says ‘Vertonghan is a disgrace’. (We’ll forget for a moment that the comment was made by Jose ‘anti football’ Mourinho who poked a coach in the eye and moans, whinges and whines after every game.) He has called a fellow professional a ‘disgrace’ when his player has scratched said player in the face. Then AVB in asked what he thinks about there being no further action and he says it’s a disgrace mimicking Mourinho (which I actually thought was quite funny). Now some prick of an agent trying to make a name for himself says the Vlad might go to Chelsea in 2 years. Strangely AVB has said we’re not a feeder club and we are trying to build something. In the last 5 years or so, Tottenham have only let 2 players go that they wanted to keep and made a profit of £98,000,000 selling them both to the biggest club in the world. AVB is not having a pop at Chelsea at all; he is just saying Tottenham are not a feeder club and they are a big club in their own right. It’s a complete non story in every way. He is asked a question, he answers it. You must be seriosuly bored to write a story about it and claim there is anything in it (or worried about Tottenham maybe) just as I am seriously bored with no game on a Saturday

  8. Haha. You are right: This is really more funny….
    You wanted Carrick but he preferred Spurs and we made a pile on him
    You wanted Modric but we preferred to sell to Real and we made a pile from it
    You wanted Willian and paid a pile for him and instead we able to get Eriksen for a song

    Keep moaning Mourinhno, press conferences has neen your comedy plays….

  9. How can anybody take seriously anything coming out of that hate filled club. I’ll just say Paul Canoville, john terry, grounds staff with Milwall tattoos…patrice Evra? and thats just the start. They have the manager they deserve and a board that will back up his nasty hate filled mouth. Remember this is a team whos supporters gave Avram Grant hissing sounds when he started! This is in recent times!so no excuse saying this is in the past. I’m a Spurs supporter and I’d rather see Arsenal progress than this horrific excuse of tokenism and hatred. Morinio typifies this hatred by making quips at the expense of others to hide his own hatred.

    1. AVB! AVB! AVB! Mourinho’s shit! There is a saying in football that goes, ‘never go back’. I wonder how long he’ll last!?

  10. When did Chelsea ever sell anyone for a profit anyway? We have built a great team with very shrewd moves.
    Chelsea no longer or just plain refuse to nurture any home grown talent. It’s so much easier just a write a cheque for them. I for one would never send my kid there.

    1. Kot45, I’m sure u have a myopic view. Chelsea is ranked richer than spuds for a reason, we make more than you. Money isn’t only made by selling avg players at hyped prices and some teams stupid enof to pay them. Chelsea myt not make money on player sale, but the trophies we win and the sponsorship that such trophies merit. Grow up son! Come talk again when your spurs come out of Chelsea shadow…u tend to use my rejected players (gallas, cudicini…)

    2. Kotk, I know tothan has got a good team,no doubt abt it,bt that was then,check ur team now,u guys bought how many players?almost a complete football team or more than,as of dis year u guys spent more than chelsea so we are hoping that tothan will lift the trophy after spending such amount cos mourinho did dsame in his first year in charge of plsss let’s keep watching and know the team that is a stepping stone. rubbish

      1. AVB is the next manager to be fired.i bet.with all the players he got,he is number whaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hahaha avb n spurs shud fight 4 dat 4th spot again and if they went 2 b arrogant,chelsea wil remove them d 2rd tym n put them in d europa league once more.

  12. Football is not about money are selling player any how ok with this player the have been selling how many trophies have the won so far avb was never a good coach at chelsea if i should i will rather ponk is eye my self and you journalist no want you are writting or else

  13. i reall cant believe how deluded tottenham fans are .. and the chelsea is nothing without money jibe got old like six years ago .. totta and AVB deserve each other

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