February 28, 2024

10 thoughts on “Revealed: Why Hazard missed the training session

  1. 2 harsh what, does he need his passport to travel within the European union, you kids on this forums are just killing me with your talk, go late for your interview and tell them you where late for this same reasons.

  2. Thank God it’s over now. But it should be noted that Hazards absence, wasn’t intentional. All the same, good work Josè.

  3. you are claiming that it was discipline but let us bear in mind that this is not the old mourinho we have, i personally i am scared that in future our young players and the best in the world will not be with us coz they will be looking for somewhere to enjoy their football starting with mata,azipilicueta,luiz,de bruyne,bertrand and others who are on loan wont come back.pliz mourinho style up

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