December 5, 2023

15 thoughts on “Fernando Torres admits lack of goals and says his place is under threat

  1. Jose mourinho do something in time we are too weak this season why, those club that were afraid to face are now beaten us Newcastle,Sunderland even those, that were draw them it is too ridiculous please J.M.

  2. Our defenders,strikers are weak & sluggish replace cole with new player & all those strikers three that are not up to three i refer all those three as half striker do something in jan. please manager J.M

  3. I’m Confident Evrything We Soon Change As A Team,but Pls Jose Mourinho Quickly Do Somvtin About It,blues 4 Lyf.

  4. We need another striker in Janaury, and our defence line are week, pls Mr Mourinho do something fast, before is to late

  5. Eto & Ba should be flushed, left alone torres. The rest be replaced, and also d deffenders. I still believe in Torres with d help of J.M by signning new striker. Chelsea Must Not Go Down.

  6. I take dis mistake is comeing form jm plz sir changer dis players like dis is not good,if (mata or luiz) make a mistake in dis match you will keep playing him plz if do dis 4us our will make it dis season. Plz 4 4 2A formation tomrr (cech) (ivno cahil luiz asp) (oscar mike rima har) (mata torres)

  7. For me the boy are ok i mean the pleayers .is for then to inprov theslef’s lookin at the challege that the facin to onther club lik m cirt livpoor aserna.

  8. this player are 100% good,but the problem is ŦђΛŦ their is № understanding btw the striker…..ŦђΛŦ why dey are lack of goals

  9. i belive in nutting gud cums easy torres is at his best jst dat d luk is nt on his side 4 d blues. Jose u r d boss decide on wat 2 do wit ur team 2 win d trophy u r gud kip up d gud work bravo. Blues 4 life

  10. Guys pls write something that everybody will understand & not gibberish. Pls try & go over what you type b4 posting. Thank you & KTBFFH

  11. We don’ need a striker currently, all what is supposed to happen is play Torres regularly including Ba. We don’t need Eto’o.

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