June 20, 2024

10 thoughts on “Sunderland 3-4 Chelsea 2013: Highlights, Reaction, and Match Facts

  1. I dn’t know what is wrong with mourinho. Why is he starting lampard in all our game, who can he choose to keep lampard happy more than the whole club. Give other youngesters a chance for goodness sake.

  2. Mourinho i want to ask you. Is lampard biger than chelseafc? Why is lampard happiness is so important to you than the club happiness?

    1. Is Lampard not performing,Mourino doesn’t care either you are happy or not, why did he marginalize Our best player of last season MATA. Justice ,get it right Lampard is still very hurt presently.

  3. Mourinho has to keep stability in midfield and did so with lampard.And He is starting to knock the goals in;he has been our saviour on many occasions and is our best option as an attacking midfielder and striker!! If he wasnt playing and we lost you would ask where lampard was.

  4. i agreed with you sir, why Mourinho is played Lampard in the first half? we need Mike or Essien and Ramires in the Middle that’s all

  5. as for me i will always be happy watching chelsea winning irrespective of the players playing

  6. wel 2 my view its not in evry match dat lamps should be use instead play willy o oscar at his expense 2geda wit remrs nd obi.eto should be allowd 2 leave in jan. as he’s causing us more already.up blue

  7. many have their opinion over how,when and whom should be brought 2 lead chelsea attack.2 my opinion d club shud go 4 lewandsk,cardozo,suares,mangala,rodriques,guarin,and matic;as both are looking 4word 2 add more trophies 2 their ranks.eto,jt,essien,lamps,and torres should be sold 2 get more foundings 2 d news arrivals.fans should b more pacient and see wat happens next.blue is d colour,up chelseafc

  8. I Agre wit those who maintain dat all the old guards should b send packing to give chelsea new luk as mancity and liverpul of today.use their salaries and wages so we can have players like matic,rodrihuez,shaw,guarin,lewndsk,cardozo,or suarez to sparehead our defence,midfield and atack.bring back lukaku,romeo,marin,wallace,hazard junior,traore,ake and piason.pare them with remeres,obi,hazard,mata,osckr,and shrulle,let di-mateo comes back and conteniour if morinho is not ready to go.up chelsea

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