December 5, 2023

31 thoughts on “BREAKING: Man Utd make official offer for Juan Mata

  1. Greetings 2 u all pls… As 4 i will luv Mata 2 stay, but if we r 2 sale him, we will not sale him 2 Manchester united

  2. Mou wat wrnq wit yhu first it was kdb nw mata our two times best player wat your problem why juan mata why

  3. Why we re sellin our best players,i dnt think mourinho kno wht doing nd besides i thought d club is build on young players, so why letin players lyk De Bruney,Bentran nd even one d world best mildfieder 2 go. If he feel he cannt cope wit d young players, let him step down 4m dt sit after all he is jus alternative 2 ds job.

  4. Painful but best for Juan.wished it never came to this.we shall miss him no matter the array of stars.He is simply good and loyal to the club.

  5. But even if he has 2 sell mata not 4 man U, but atleast 4 another club such as psg, madrid even bacelona. Sellin mata 2 man U means sellin chelsea’s lagacy.

  6. At d moment I don’t tink Oscar is better dan Mata. Mata is in d same class wit Ozil n Silva while selling him? I tink dis is a big mistake already we miss his creativity in d midfield

  7. There is no problem, JUAN MATA to Old Tradford, then WAYNE ROONEY @ Stamford Bridge… Lolz

  8. I would like him(Mata) to leave for any club(mostly desiring EPL) because I wouldn’t like him to rot in bench. I love him playing. I am a Chelsea fan!

  9. I wonder why mourinho is allowing Mata to leave even if for any club at any price? What is wrong with Jose, am nt 0.00000001 happy at all! Look at Arjen Robben who you threw away to Bayern, now he is flourishing till date! What a stupid attitude for Mourinho to sell chelsea best player for the past 2 seasons? I think what xavi said about you is quite right since he mentioned that you (mourinho) do not leave a legacy in any club you had coached.

  10. Am nt happy wit mou,mata z classet player why cant we leave it instandy selling to manu,mata we re miss u

  11. Mourinho u better respect urself Oooooooo,,,dnt u ever try to sell mata to united atol its a big blunder to us,,,let dem go and die is nt our concern dat they dnt Hv creative mildfilder,,,,one mata is goin no were Oooooooo

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