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Chelsea waste no time with a £20 million offer for Nemanja Matic


Kevin De Bruyne is moving closer to a move to Wolfsburg in a £17 million deal and it seems that Chelsea are not wasting any time to reinforce the squad. Sky Sports reports that the club has made a £20 million offer for Nemanja Matic, a player Chelsea allowed to leave in 2011. Since then, he has blossomed into an excellent defensive midfielder by taking advantage of his huge physical presence and athletic ability.

Chelsea are well covered in De Bruyne’s position and there was a possibility that one of the eight players (yes, you read that correct) would be allowed to leave in January. Ramires, Frank Lampard, and John Obi Mikel have been the regular central midfielders. Apart from them, the options are limited for Jose Mourinho and it could dwindle further with Lampard approaching the end of his career. Essien also looks set to move to pastures new.

Chelsea are on good terms with Benfica, and hence, Matic’s arrival seems imminent. His buyout clause stands at a whopping €45 million after he extended his contract a year ago. The Portuguese club will make a healthy profit on the Serbian, who was signed for around £3 million as part of the David Luiz deal in 2011.

Matic won’t be part of the World Cup 2014, as Serbia missed out. We love this site about the World Cup, which offers great insights into the betting zones. A striker has been regarded by many as the priority for Chelsea in this transfer window, but it seems that Mourinho thinks otherwise. The move could put Essien and Mikel’s future at the club in doubt.


  1. Chelsea should buy a striker

  2. This comment is dedicated to jouse morinho.the using of juan mata is so important for chelsea 1.when ever he is our game it will look beautiful and attractive to 2. the passing Is done fluently 3. We will not find it difficult to win and etc.if mata should depart from chel fc it means the club should be cancled.

  3. De bruyne leaving I can see another matic case there going to want to buy him again

  4. Our manager pls buy striker for chelsea and sell essisn ba eto’o a.cole and buy luke shaw nimaja metic and any striker u lik most

  5. We need a good striker in d chelsea team

  6. Mata is a gr8t player no doubt. But with JM tactics i dnt tnk e stand a chance with d likes of Oscar n Willian. A tree cnt make a forest if mata cnt fit in e shud b benched

  7. Every coach has his own phelosophy into the game of football,if mourinho feel he need a midfielder to get the reusult he want in the team so be it,after all there are other teams that do win every match with the abilities of the midfielders such as barcelona and bayern munich and co,and as for juan mata it pains me to always see him on the bench this season,but the coach has the final dicision in the team selection.

  8. Let mata proof himself again, we will stand by him as we do to the case of Torres. He must try and adapt to the new pattern on point now, otherwise be benched, though he has good passing but he just have to adjust.

  9. Mata or no Mata chelsea will move on.Cfc is not a one man team like Barca,so,Jose and The board should be left alone to do what they think is good 4 our darling club.Blue is the color!

  10. I dnt see any reason why mourinho should be benching mata, mata is a very good player with a strong future

  11. What i think chelsea really need now is a powerhouse man,but if mourinho can get the team into a winning mentality it will be a perfect and a spectacular spirit for we the fans of the club,but as for mata once again if mourinho feels mata doesn’t fit into his tactics then he should be on the bench,i know mata is one of the player we all love to watch in the field of play,but it is only the coach that know what he want to get the result in the team.

  12. Mata is very important yet we do win without in some matches, so let it be

  13. Please, mata or no mata chelsea will keep doing perfect in the game,we have seen in other’s clubs where thier best players been bench or left the clubs yet the clubs still went ahead to win trophies without does players in thier teams any more,such as man utd,barcelone,atletico madrid etc.so please mata issue should not be a problem.

  14. Morgan collins otu

    I see no reason y everybody will be taking of mata Issue, yes he is a good player but he did fit to the special One plan. But we need a striker with torres. The blues.

  15. Seriously,I feel bad seeing Juan Mata on the bench, but the fact is that result is what matters. Looking back at our game against the Saints,we were struggling to create any clear chances until Mourinho decided to introduce Oscar and Willian for Mata and Schurrle and immediately Oscar and Willian changed the game and we went ahead to win three zero away. So,if Mourinho feels Mata doesn’t fit into his style of play let him sell him to any club outside premier league and use the money to buy an inform world class striker like Diego Costa. As for Matic welcome back boy we need holding mid fielder in the class of Yaya Toure and I think Matic is good so investing the money from the sale of De brunye in Nemaja Matic is not a bad idea at all. Go on CHELSEA…

  16. Let mou do is job,

  17. it wil be very dificut when d team sell their own playmaker an look else where for replacemt.exmp, luk at hotenham dey’re facing alot problem to win a match.

  18. Chelsea need complete striker

  19. Let hin go we hav oscar na lampard ol in d position nd mata is nt a defensive player rather creative player nd our game is defensive even our strikers come back nd defend a target so allowed hin 2 go jose

  20. All our talks can’t change anything, just allowed the coach to do his thing