June 20, 2024

11 thoughts on “Hull City 0-2 Chelsea: Highlights & Reaction

  1. I plead unbehalf of mata that chelsea boss should let the wonderful mildfielder be part of the team consistency in chelsea games, and that he himself could repeat his player of the year as he did in the previous seasons ago. Mata is a great player and shouldn’t be found on bench in most time. Up chelsea. Chelsea 4 life

  2. Pls Mikel is a good player that should be playing regularly,selling Mata is too bad 4 the club let Jose learn more about continu process.Matic is highly welcome back 2 the land of EXPLIOTS

  3. Mata need to work harder ,to protect the team when needed, i dont like him because he dont always follow ball when he loose it.just look at williams ,small oscar, and even obi.they all are working hard to play always.chelsea is a seriouse club.not a romance love making club like arsenal and barc

  4. Once chelsea, Always chelsea….up d blus downfall of any other club…in victory or loss, D BLUES 4 LIFE

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