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Juan Mata, thank you and goodbye (Video)

A video compilation of Juan Mata’s time at Chelsea just ahead of his £37 million transfer to Manchester United. A big thank you and goodbye on behalf of all Chelsea fans.


  1. Jose u make a bg mstake 4 u 2 allow ur plyr 2 join ur reival if u can remmber u try 2 sign rooney dey refuse

  2. U will always remain in my two time chelsea best player. I still remain a big fan of urs wish u d best. LIVING LEGEND!!!

  3. If it’s fans desition you(matta) will go no were,but there is nothing we the fans can do, all we can do now is to say goodaye but one day will shall welcome you the way we are going to welcome didier drogba.

  4. adeleke ibrahim oluwaremilekun

    Jose u md a big mistake dat u seal mata for united

  5. Mata no matter where u are your heart remains blue

  6. Anyanwu maxiwayne chinazor

    Mata your highly welcome to old traford i am verry happy for you you will become man utd hero.

  7. Mata u’r d guy that matter to us.Wishing uuu success .

  8. Letting mata live is the last thought in my mind, i mean he’s got what it takes to perfect any team, i loved him as player.. I just wana say goodbye and i know you get your place in Manchester united.

  9. Mata you still remain a true blues,i wish u luck.

  10. Anyanwu maxiwayne chinazor

    Playing rooney,v persie,janusaj,mata kagawa and guarin will be a great boost for man utd fans.

  11. Adetoye Dare Dickson

    I felt sad 2 see our master planner joining our great rival..but nevertheless,i wish u gud luck…One luv keeps us 2geda @j mata

  12. Mata u’re really Mata 4us in chelsea bt destiny cn never be chenge u wil remain blue players 4life. I wish u best anytm anyday bye! Adekunle adedeji sesan

  13. Wishing u all de best at man u but ur blood still remain de blues de nwa Mata u are true legend in chelsea ok

  14. Abduljabbar amoto

    Ha! Em mata u ar d 1 dat make me hav joyful mind as a chelsea fan,bt destiny cn never be regret,may ur talented playing soul rest in good record at old trafford,gudbye mata,i wil always be wit u.

  15. Welldone to juan mata for his effort&contribution in chelseafc,we will miss you

  16. There is no where u go dat u will not succeed as player.we de chelsea fans pour our blessings on you

  17. We miss you juan.. D best 10 in the whole world.. I wish you best of luck everywhere you go..

  18. oyebamiji matthew

    Jose ur ar every mard man jun mata ur ar the best 10 in the wiud

  19. Mata we are going 2 miss U, bt i tink united need u most….. U will ever remain in my heart. We all blues loves u…. Bye bye

  20. pls dnt sell him

  21. U are the mata of all we love you mata good bye we miss u we fans cannot do anything but we wish you the best 1 mata

  22. Jose am very disapointed

  23. Juan mata u ar one of d best 10 i know in d world. Its ur destiny to play 4 our rival an nothing can done abt it we chealse fans more sucess in d jny of life.

  24. Jose why u live mata 4man u with out rooney,but u know what u ar doing ,mata l wish u gudluk l luv u so mush all chelsea fans we miss u

  25. Mata it time for to leave chelsea, but we will always remember you. thank you for your love.my God be wit you good bye

  26. Wow, juan mata i personally miss you, because for your good job that you always do at chelsea but now man utd has collected the glory, thank you for the time that you have with us at chelsea, contiune your good work at united bless you.

  27. Juan mata is a big name dat no water can watch off de hrt of blues fans. It jst gat 2 b so, mata up u.

  28. speechless…………….. MATA u are d MEN, wishn d best @united miss u.

  29. Mata help so much in blues acheivement but nw he’s out u always remain fresh in blues fans hrt. Wish u a hapi stay at old trafford

  30. Wish u da very best always!!!