April 23, 2024

20 thoughts on “David Beckham: Difficult to Compete with Jose Mourinho

  1. I was subjective in my prediction of d game against man city optimistic dat chelsea will gather all points available bcus i bliv mourinho is d lord of tactics n mind game,n so d prediction came 2 pass.i had known 4 lng dat he is a special1 n unique coach in d world

  2. the same people that praises u is the same people that will bring u down.people critisised jose at the beginning of the season but now everybody is praising him again.jose is the best coach in the game.none can be compared.

  3. Jose(special one) is like carbon, who has ability to catenate. So jose has ability to form a team, to change a team, to reform. He is a special one, indeed

  4. Beckham u are right,jose mou is the most tactician,chrismatic,magnificient,master minder,alpha and omega in all aspect of football ever.in terms of man management,relationship with players,loyal to the club,experience.kai ‘jose has a cv for a reason’that right cahill.

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