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David Beckham: Difficult to Compete with Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho Chelsea Manchester United Premier league 2013

José Mourinho has come in for praise from various quarters after the 1-0 win over Manchester City on Monday night. The latest praise comes from a Manchester United icon – David Beckham. After witnessing Chelsea’s impressive win over Manchester United’s archrivals City, Beckham says that the blues have a manager who has everything.

There are managers who are brilliant at tactics, while some are good at managing players and a few are good at finding potential stars. However, very few managers possess all these qualities combined. Mourinho is one of them, according to Beckham. After recently announcing his decision to start a new MLS franchise in Miami, the former United and Real Madrid midfielder also spoke about Mourinho. He said:

“As a Manchester United fan, I’ve been watching City and City play some great football. They’re a strong team. They’ve got a strong unit. But personally, seeing Jose Mourinho going back to Chelsea.

“There’s something about Jose and Chelsea that not many other clubs have.

“He’s won championships, he knows how to win championships, he knows how to win trophies, and he’s not just a great manager, he’s a strong personality as well. Some people can’t compete with that.”

Beckham knows a thing or two about managers  after having played under some of the greats of this game. He has played for the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Fabio Capello.

Mourinho has been defiant about our title chances this campaign, but Beckham – predictably – thinks otherwise. He says that Chelsea will be one of the challengers at the end of the campaign.

The win over City may not have made any changes to our position in the table, but it puts us in a great position going into this weekend. Chelsea are just two points behind Arsenal, who have a difficult away trip to Anfield.


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