June 20, 2024

6 thoughts on “Mourinho Admits Chelsea Are Using Loan System to Comply with FFP

  1. This system helping talented players to find a carreer with suitable rate to grow and find a their foot!! for instance not all the players in Arsenal Barca or Man utd get a chance to play in first 11 and end up in a shitty club. With Chelsea they get a chance to play in first 11 of some of the europes most competitive club.

  2. Okay, Chelsea are just traders, human trafficers. Hum! good, good strategies to make money and pay non-performers like Torres. Definitely, most of those boys will never make it to the 1st 11 at SW6. They will be sold for profit

  3. Carlo Ancelloti would never have seen any potential in any young talent like Matic. When Neymar was initially in love with coming to Chelsea, Anceloti gave a Press statement that Neymar was good but Chelsea was not interested. He was a CURSE to football development in SW6. Dull and daft to lead a vibrant, young and dynamic team anywhere.

    Mark my words, Madrid will regret his reigns

  4. is a good development in chelsea,some of the yourg guys can turn out to become great.let look the case of matic,our own very player that we sold chip he went and make name 4 him self like wise all the talent we have can give us profit that we can’t inmagin. I give kudos to all chelsea bonld

  5. why did Chelsea chase out Matic? because Carlo Ancelloti had no place nor space for him today or tomorrow. Had Ancelloti continued with us, there would have been no chance for Matic

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