December 2, 2023

8 thoughts on “Nemanja Matic Could Become the ‘Mikel Killer’

  1. Dont say he usualy pas backwards Mikel has pass acuracy more than matic but matic has the overall ability and a lot of stamina 2 be ahead of mikel in d pecking order

  2. Frankly speaking;am a Nigerian,but I think Matic is ahead of mikel, based on his tactical and technical awareness.He strictly obeys the manager’s instructions.

  3. What mikel lacks is the ability of scoring goal. If not mikel is far better than matic lack of goal scoring under estimate his football profession

  4. Well, i’m not suprised but time will tell. We chelsea fans are good in condemning our players especially when we get new once. Am also expecting this kind of story in the case of Hazard and salah. KTBFFH.

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