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Chris Foy Gets Punched in the Face…. By the Ball (Video)

The anger of Chelsea fans at referee Chris Foy is more than justified despite what the FA says in its judgement. The charge against Jose Mourinho (after his complaints against Foy following the 1-0 defeat against Aston Villa) is unlikely to be withdrawn. That defeat against Villa could still prove to be the decisive factor in the title race since we continue to trail Liverpool by two points with four matches remaining.

For those who believe in God and karma, the prayers have been answered. The Premier League meeting between Newcastle and Swansea saw Foy take a whack on the face from the ball! Well Mr Foy, you can be sure that that was not the ball doing its work. It is the anger of millions of Chelsea fans around the world.

Foy had to be taken off with a bloodied nose. Serves you right!!

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  1. Dats why only Webb @ champions league,shame to FA