December 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “Liverpool vs Chelsea: Mourinho Reveals Team News Ahead of Sunday’s Showdown

    1. Or maybe Utd are so in big shit and pathetic that big coaches don’t want to go in this muddy City my friend

  1. I wish they didn’t hand pick the press at Stamford Bridge, it would be nice to see the reaction to some more probing questions and try to get the numpty to bite which I think would be a lot more interesting, but would get him in even more trouble, give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself and Chelsea from the same tree!

  2. from the onset of the season, Man U+ Alex Fergie choose Moyes and Jose on the other hand set his heart on Chelsea. Sentiment’s apart, Jose is a very good coach…. Wherever he coaches, U’ll always see his team at the top spot. If Jose coaches Man U, man U wouldnt have been in these predicament. Even if we dont we any trophy this season, having Jose as a coach is like a trophy itself.

  3. I think CHELSEA will win 2-1 again. Liverpool are due for a loss and today is the day

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