June 20, 2024

8 thoughts on “Jose Needs to Adopt Attacking Mentality Before Roman Loses Patience

  1. Mourinho is no fool he played that way to ensure qualification to CL, around Christmas time we had leaked alot of goals and he changed style. He knew the threat of the teams around him, and didn’t want to take any chances. I agree id like to see us go for it a little more next year, especially against the lesser teams, but we need the strikers that can score goals. We didn’t have that this season only Eto is capable of that, and he took time to bed in. I think the criticism Mourinho is taking from all quarters is unfair, his record against the top teams was fantastic. As you say we didn’t win a trophy but its impossible to win one every year………………..the important thing is we progressed as a team, if you can’t see that then your broad and extensive knowledge of football, is not as good as your thought it was.

  2. Hello Kamachi. Thanks for your reply.

    If you look at the two related articles above, about Jose Mourinho and Chelsea’s youthful team, you will see that I said Chelsea have progressed this season with their youthful side, and that Jose is a winner.

    It is always best to read further before coming to quick conclusions.

  3. There is no point in this report, Abramovish was able to be among owners that has won Major trophy kick started by Mourinho’s Reign. The Fact still remains that Roman needs to be fully patient and inculcate developmental Management idea like how Athletico,Real and Bayern of recent years did. And not a must win Idea that mount pressure on Coaches. I want to believe that Scolari,Ancelloti,Di Matteo,AVB and Benitez all play an attacking football during their time but Roman is no lover of having that Patient towards building a team. Maybe nobody has told him that if he wants his team to be playing like Barca and the other attacking football team it has to take some time to build such team. Afterall Barca didn’t come to limelight in just 1 or 2 season,unlike the Bayern and Real Madrid. So I expect by now Roman should be thinking of how Jose will Stabilize a winning team with all attacking style of play in that will reign for the next 3,4 and 5 seasons to come. And not the mentality to sack Jose. Pls let’s enjoy Jose this time for years to come.Chelsea till I die.

  4. We do not have to critisize morinho for now because a season to me isn’t enough for one to prove himself when we have the likes of Man City , Liverpool,(Both team are with talented attackers ) in the Epl. Rogers has been arranging the liverpool team for years and so to Man city still Chelsea had fantastic result against them. Go and Check it , we only played this boring style against big teams this year and all because there was no striker that got it right for us. We didn’t park the bus against smaller clubs. But there were no strikers to convert goals . And I think Mourihno too made a mistake benching Demba Ba because he would have made differences (no playing time for him to show) and I don’t see Oscar as chelsea’s playmaker but Willian check out what Willian played against Man city at Ethihad stadium . So Mourihno needs time to decided his play maker for next season and strikers Eto’o and torres should go let him reserve Ba.

  5. True , Jose was let down buy an astonishing childish Chelsea mentality of buying 11 midfield players , with virtually no useful striker. But Jose did not want Lukaku to help a bad situation get better. And Jose NEVER EVER SAYS HE MADE A MISTAKE. Instead he wants us to say winning Europa was worse than winning nothing. Jose is still the best coach in the world , especially if he can sever is ” darling , darling ” relationship with the old guard at Chelsea

  6. If Chelsea has to change their style of play,we also need a good finisher to help make the opposing side weak. When a striker causes havoc to a defence,the defenders tend to foul him. It could be near the 18 yard box or even inside. We have good attacking mieldfielders like Oscar,Mohamed Salah,Eden Hazard,Willian etc they should try as much as possible to create the chances so the goals could come in.

  7. Mourinho made a big mistake by selling Juan Mata, and that is compounded by the way Oscar has played. Sure, he’s had to play a lot of games but Oscar isn’t someone you ‘build you team around’ If he needed money he could have sold Oscar indeed. He still might, mind you, but who knows? Had Juan stayed, he could have scored 14 goals too…

    Actually I feel bad for Mata. He lost his place in the Spain squad because of one man’s stubbornness. I know the fans seem to think that Mata was rightly sold but, look at his performance at United. He is one of the most beautiful players to watch, when at his best.

    On an ending note, I hope Chelsea do manage to sign Costa and Mandzukic. If they manage the slip-ups against bottom-half teams next season, they could score 90+ points.

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