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Samuel Eto’o: Mourinho Is a Fool for Questioning My Age

Samuel Eto’o has indirectly stated that José Mourinho is a fool for having questioned his age. Eto’o will be leaving Chelsea when his contract expires in a few weeks, but he does so after having made his mark.

A few eyebrows were raised when Chelsea got the West London on a one-year contract. After a poor start, Eto’o showed against Manchester United, Liverpool, and Tottenham that he can still do it at the top level. He has finished the season as the top striker at Chelsea.

He could have very well stayed at the club into the new season had it not been for Mourinho’s comments a few months ago. Mourinho questioned Eto’o’s age in a private interview, which was then released to the media. Eto’o has responded by saying:

“I am 33 years old. And it is not because a fool called me an old man that you must believe it. And you may have noticed that the old man was better than the youngsters.”

Had it not been for the crucial strikes from Demba Ba in the final few matches of the season, we would still be talking about Eto’o. He appears to have already made a decision on his next destination, but he refused to reveal it. He said:

“Some believe I am going to retire in the United States or in the Middle East, but I have regained the joy of the Champions League and I am going to carry on playing in the Champions League.

“Where? I am not going to tell you. But I am going to carry on playing because physically and mentally I feel great.

“So I am going to go to this World Cup and to the next one when I will be 37.

“Some did it at 42, so I can still play in two more World Cups.”

Eto’o leaves Chelsea after having once again proved that he is one of the greatest strikers in the world.

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  1. Let torres go to other club because he have played many times but not yet produced any thing for the (50m)