June 20, 2024

2 thoughts on “Can Diego Costa Be a Success at Chelsea?

  1. I am not so concerned about Costa but i am concerned about the future of Romelu Lukaku , he was such a bright young talent when we bought him, i can remember him saying that it was a dream for him to play for chelsea but look what is now!! Instead than giving him a chance we will sell the best youbg striker with the same physical strenght as Drogba

  2. I dont think costa will have a problem at chelsea if the midfielders make plays for him nd am particularly excited because fabregas is here. Hazard is an exceptional player but I think his adulation has gotten to his head. That boy can play make with the best of but he has taken to keeping the ball way too long trying to make room to shoot when his mates are in the clear waiting for the ball. Sometimes we win the ball in the centre and when he gets the ball he wants to dribble all the way down to the goal which always don’t work. Also when we work a nice move and the ball is handed to him he drags 3 or 4 players with him to the left which is good but then a player like messi or fabregas will look to pass the ball to someone in the space created but not him. He’ll hold on to the ball until he’s fouled or the opposition runs back and seal that hole then he’ll pass the ball back.

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