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How to Win Betting on Football

If you enjoy the occasional or frequent punt on Premier League Football but your results are not exactly going to buy you that flashy sports car you are after, we may have the solution for you, enter FanBet.com.

Unlike the numerous tipster sites sprinkled about the web offering hot tips and delivering few, FanBet has created a 100% transparent system to not only provide you with tips, but also insight into betting patterns of leading players.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

FanBet has created a super cool weekly betting game for fans worldwide to compete in. You get 5,000 credits to start and can make picks and wagers on any game you choose. The players with the highest weekly returns share the real cash prize pool. All this excitement is brought to you for free by FanBet and the prize pool for 2014/15 is a whopping £10,000.

Now with that said, here’s where it gets exciting. Every fan competing in the betting game is awarded points for their positive weekly returns, earn enough points and your status will be upgraded until you reach the Pro level if you are good enough.

As a FanBet member you have the ability to follow Pros and see their picks and betting patterns to help your own real money play. So essentially you can copy the picks of Pros prior to kick off to improve your chances of winning. What’s more FanBet allows you to enter the picks into their odds tracker system to compare odds from leading Bookmakers, giving you the best value for your money.

The official launch of FanBet is scheduled for the first week of August, but you can sign up for free now to avoid missing out on a cool username when the site goes live.

Visit www.fanbet.com to signup or for more information.