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Transfer Rumours: Chelsea Not Giving up on Raphael Varane

Another day, another transfer rumour, but this rumour should be one to prick up the ears of all Chelsea fans. There are reports that Chelsea are looking to sign Real Madrid defender, Raphael Varane. The 21-year-old is in discussions with his current club over a new contract, but Chelsea are reportedly mulling over a bid for the Frenchman.

Raphael Varane Chelsea

Raphael Varane is an exceptional young talent. For the past few seasons Varane has shown a maturity far beyond his age. He is a composed, elegant defender, with a touch on the ball to rival almost any midfielder or attacker. His marking and tackling are excellent, and his solid heading ability is only complimented by his fine leaps to meet crosses. His athleticism is second to none, and he is rarely beaten for pace. Varane is the archetype of the modern day centre-back, and has the potential to become one of the very best in the world

In 2011 it was another Frenchman, Zinedine Zidane, who persuaded Varane to join Real Madrid. If a man of Zidane’s calibre shows such an interest in a young player, you know that this is a player of serious talent. Since his move to Real Madrid, whilst never playing wholly consistently, he has only improved and matured.

There was a distinctive semi-final Clasico Copa del Rey tie in 2013 between Barcelona and Real Madrid, in which Varane was outstanding, the best player of the tie. He defended heroically, stopping numerous Barcelona attacks and attempts, and scored a goal in each leg, almost single handily sending Real Madrid into the final. Varane’s performances in this tie showcased just how special he could become.

If Chelsea manage to sign Varane it really will be a fantastic signing, probably better than the signings of both Fabregas and Diego Costa, certainly in a long-term sense. At just 21 he has his best years ahead of him, and unquestionably he could develop into one of the very best defenders in the world. Indeed Varane could become the long-term replacement for John Terry.


  1. Varane himself actually admtted Mourinho swung him to join Madrid after Zidane’s visit left him with doubts.

    “Yes, of course. A lot of thought went into that decision. My initial feeling was that it wasn’t worth it and that I wouldn’t get a game. Then when I heard what the coach’s plans were I changed my mind. I didn’t go into it with my eyes closed. It was Jose Mourinho who convinced me. He said that I’d progress, that I’d reach the very highest level and that the move would be nothing but positive for me.”

  2. Ahh ok Bassman 93. Thanks for point that out. Nonetheless, the point still stands that if Zidane was so interested in Varane back then, it showed the potential he had.