June 20, 2024

3 thoughts on “Fernando Torres – Thank You and Goodbye (VIDEO)

  1. Torres is a player of his own,I remember the year our great club won the champions league his contribution in the final gave us the trophy. Torres you are a complete player to me,

  2. he is a good player no doubt he came to cfc to score goals an goals but he did not leave to expectation but his contribution can not be mersure with we will miss him but if he score at least15 goals for us last session d league could be ours we love him good luck to him

  3. Nando is a player people should emulate,despite his unability to score more goals as expected of him did alot for the blue shirt..our last game with liverpool last season,he did it,barcelona will never forget you as chelsea won’t forget.i love to see you in chelsea but fate has its own way of things,you still remain the humble chelsea ever striker i know…bye Torres

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