May 19, 2024

3 thoughts on “Pre-Season Friendly Highlights 2014: Chelsea 2-0 Real Sociedad (VIDEO)

  1. I’m glad the coach Mr Mourihno made three best signings in the world but to me that is not yesterday I was so shocked and jealousy to see the quality that Mr Mourihno’s former club Madrid have and thinking about us Chelsea fc making only three signings without rebuilding the team.OK Mr Roman and Mr Jose please please please breach the FFP and sacrifice just once and buy us Pogba.Falcao.Jese Rodriguez.Sneidjer.Benatia.Musacchio and Isco again Please.

  2. You are right , u really watch the Real Madrid game and saw what they did. it will not be easy this coming champion leage games. as i watch the game i was worried because my team the BLUE CHELSEA still have to do some more buying up front. we need falcao, pogba and benatia. sell for us torres, mikel and cech to balance the squard.

  3. Buy Jesse,isco, sneider? Really? U guys watch football right? Please! The only thing we need right now is maybe another striker and lets say a defender. somebody even mentioned selling cech, hmm! He must really know football very much.

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