December 4, 2023

19 thoughts on “‘Small-Time Manager’ Pellegrini Becomes ‘King of Irony’ by Disrespecting Chelsea

  1. And I suppose Mourinho won all his trophies with Chelsea (and all the rest to be fair) by using academy graduates without spending a penny? Ha! The sheer audacity of you Chavs to have a go a City over hitting the jackpot with riches is the real irony indeed! Without Abramovich’s takeover Chelsea were about ‘do a Leeds’ – even Ken Bates admitted that. All those years of making loss after loss without being penalised – your manager now thinks it’s clever to get on his high horse about FFP! You’d have been fined every year! Pellegrini was simply making the point that you played ‘like a small team’ with 10 men behind the ball – can’t argue with that! It gets results sometimes.. fair enough! MP believes in a different way!

    1. Actually that’s were your wrong quoting popular myth. Mittal and Ecclestone were in pole position to buy the club when Roman blew them out off the water.

    2. MP is pissed off because his team have started so poorly. He’ll be out of a job of he doesn’t get out of the group stage

    3. Id you want to win always is necessary to have players behind the ball. Just imagine the players to be in front of the ball what will happen ?
      Maybe this is the way MC play , and everybody can see what great start of the season they have..

    4. If you want to win always is necessary to have players behind the ball. Just imagine the players to be in front of the ball what will happen ?
      Maybe this is the way MC play , and everybody can see what great start of the season they a ingineer can be good like Fotbal manager ?never ever..

  2. You are so blinkered it’s unreal. Give credit where it’s due, City bossed the game, Pellegrini out thought Maureen and left you looking like a third rate team. How can Maureen ever knock fat Sam for parking the bus!

    1. I’ve got no problem if Pellegrini criticises the defensive tactics. The only issue is when he calls Chelsea as a ‘small team’. Even the most biased City fan will be far enough to not accept it. Chelsea are Champions League winners for God’s sake.

      I also wish to make it clear that I have nothing against City as a club. My comments are only against Pellegrini and points are made to justify Chelsea’s better stature compared to City.

      1. Pellergrini said Chelsea played like a small team not that they are a small team! And he was spot on in his assessment to deploy cesc fabregas as a holding midfielder against 10 men is laughable chelsea were that deep in the end they were on top of courtious!

  3. It is worth pointing out that Pellegrini’s comments probably show more disrespect to Stoke than Chelsea – it is one thing to criticise a team’s tactics during a game (though in a results-oriented business such as this, perhaps a questionable one), but to simply use “Stoke” as a criticism is unwarranted and unnecessarily sour.

    One of the reasons the PL is considered to be one of the most exciting leagues in the world is that, on their day, any team can beat any other team; whilst smaller clubs may not be able to keep up with the extravagant transfer fees and wage demands of the big boys, they can use tactical nous to earn dramatic victories – a case in point being Stoke’s 3-2 win over Chelsea last season, and their victory over Man City at the Etihad before the international break.

    Just because they can play more expansive and attractive football however, does not obligate Chelsea to do so every game; winning the league is no mean feat, and some points cannot be won through fluid attacking but through precise, well drilled tactical performances. Mourinho recognises this, and this is reflected in his stellar track record – it takes more than money to make a football club a success on the pitch.

  4. Worst manager in real Madrids history?? What? He got their record points total ever in his one season in charge and only lost the title because Barcelona were in God mode that year.
    Relax Ffs, Chelsea played like a team too scared to attack thus you can see why called them small. List in translation maybe but I think he meant small minded.
    We’ve had to play like Chelsea did before we got a draw v arsenal when mancini first came. No one liked it but we got a point from it to stay the ship. The team you’ve got f-ing hell you shouldn’t be scared anyone but you got bossed lol.

  5. Pellegrini likened Chelsea to Stoke because we just played them and both teams adopted the same tactics.

    Compared to City and Chelsea, Stoke are a small club – even if its unfashionable to use those words.

    Pellgrini was just aping Mourinho because he has made similar complaints against other teams.

    Pellegini rose to the cr*p Mourinho was spouting prematch about City having the league taken away from them, being thrown out of Europe etc for the FFP judgement that went against them. Mourinho’s just trying to d*ck around and Pellegrini gave him some back.

  6. Manuel was wrong to speak out, both about any opposition and any Referee.

    I always prefer our manager to keep their own counsel.

    Although it would be wise for all Managers to do this, and when Mourinho said a couple of days ago that City should be docked points and have titles removed due to FFP i.e.

    He should remind himself of Chelsea’s financial losses from 2001 to 2014

    Maybe Chelsea should have their 3 titles removed for that period ?

    Simply think that Pellegrini and Mourinho have an issue with each other that goes back to when Mourinho took the Madrid job after Pellegrini.

      1. Come on don’t be silly, we all know Mourinho was having a dig at City over FFP, but Pellegrini should have not risen to the bait.

        Further, Chelsea did not give City the title by beating Liverpool, City won the League based on a better outcome over 38 games than anyone else, just as who ever achieves that season will also be champions. Anyone can point to any game to say that was a key moment.

        As for small club, at present both City and Chelsea have a smaller global appeal than Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal, but Chelsea’s global appeal has grown significantly over the last decade and Citys’ has grown over the last 3-4 years. It make take another 10+ years, but whoever has significant success in that time will noticeably close the gap on the other 3. The other 3 have 25-30+ years start on us both due to having won more trophies over that period.

        Let us all at City and Chelsea remember who the real wicked witches of the west are here – Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool !

  7. MP was referring to the style in which Chelsea conducted themselves in the game, he said they played like a small team, exactly as Stoke did a couple of weeks ago. Nothing wrong with that comment in its correct context and it is 100% accurate. When city were down to 10 men you sat even deeper in defence once the goal was scored, you have to take the criticism if you claim to be a top team and play like that…..

    Also , city lost 4 of the first 6 away games last season and were beaten home and way by Chelsea, you would think with that kind of head start Chelsea or Liverpool should have walked the PL title……we will see what happens this season it is still young and Chelsea haven’t really played anyone other than city.

  8. He said that you played like a small team defensively, he did not call Chelsea a small club. Is plain english a bit complicated ?

  9. its only stupidity or idiocrasy and when you’re insane and shallow minded person which will probably termed you as an IMBECILE which this old-bull-engineer-mr. pellegrini is, that he will try to tell another football club how they should play their football. The reality is that every club or managers has their own way of playing. The intellectual José mourinho and chelsea football club has their own philosophy of playing football and nobody can change that period. If defending is not in football why didn’t he play with only strikes and even that I don’t know of any FIFA or UEFA laws that says a football club cannot defend with more than maybe four players during a match. pellegrini is just an old bull affected by ebola. foolish old man with no brain

  10. Pellegrini seems to have hit a raw nerve.

    Chelsea sat back and defended for 90 minutes even after City were reduced to ten men.

    That’s a fact. And that is the hallmark of a team which thinks they are technically inferior to their opponents

    I know that a few Chelsea fans who were at the game were upset with the style of play

  11. What ever it us, I don’t care MP …you are now causing the hand that feeds you…remember that we have you the title from Liverpool last year?
    Man city is d real small team with nothing to show!!! Haters keep hating n we keep rolling!! UP CFC

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