February 28, 2024

1 thought on “Jose Mourinho: Chelsea Can Be Beaten

  1. Jose tells it like it is. No sugar coating. and what he says is right. We are a good team with room to improve. But right now all our lads are fit. They are getting better each week, thyre gelling and getting to know how the new lads think and play. Yes we need our AMs to score more goals and we need another striker as IMO Remy isnt at our level. We need to be able to feel confident if/when Costa is injured/suspended. I know as we use a 1 striker formation its difficult to ask a great striker to be patient on the bench but we rotate our midfield to some extent and would be great to have 2 strikers on in some situations.
    But right now I dont mind who or where we play against. Theres an excitement and confidence in the stands Ive not felt since Joses 1st spell with us. The premiership and the CL is ours to lose.

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