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Have Chelsea Won the Premier League Already?

Chelsea is looking increasingly likely to win the Premier League, and with the Pensioners currently enjoying a mammoth league against their rivals, by the time the Grand National comes around, it could all be over for the teams below them in the league.

Coach Conte Outlines his Plans for Chelsea

Coach Antonio Conte says his team only need another 21 points and they have the Premier League in the bag. Is this doable? Well, based on their performance so far this season, the smart money says “yes”.

The Blues Cruise to Victory against Stoke

Chelsea cruised to victory in their match against Stoke, beating them by 2:1 and extending their lead at the top of the table by another 13 points. Gary Cahill scored the winning goal in the 87th minute of the match, which was the team’s 23rd victory of the season.

“Today was a great win, a good signal but it is important to continue with the same commitment and work rate as a team,” said Conte after the match against Stoke.

“[We] have a 10 points gap, 13 at the moment, but I like to think our opponents will win tomorrow. We have to look at ourselves. We are happy. We must be ready to fight, today we were ready.”

Man City and Tottenham Chelsea’s Closest Rivals

Only Manchester City and Tottenham are anywhere near Chelsea in the points table. Right now, Chelsea looks almost certain to take the silverware with a comfortable lead on points, but as any football fans, nothing is certain in the Premier League.

Games rarely go to plan and it’s likely that all three of the top sides will drop points. Chelsea has nine games left to play whereas Man City and Tottenham both have ten games left. This gives them an advantage, but nevertheless, they still have their work cut out and unless Chelsea bombs out in every fixture going forward, they are in a very safe position.

Two of the games appear to be straightforward. Chelsea plays Bournemouth in an away game on Saturday 8 April and once the international break is over, they play Crystal Palace at home on April 1. They are likely to enjoy an easy victory in both games, but victory against Man City and Man United won’t be as easy.

Man City in the meantime has some relatively easy games, but with their first four matches after the international break touch ones, including fixtures against Arsenal and Liverpool on the cards, not to mention Chelsea and Liverpool, they are highly unlikely to earn enough points to become a threat to the Pensioners.

Spurs have two tough games against Manchester United and Arsenal to look forward to, which won’t be easy to win, but their first five games after the international break are all against teams in the lower half of the Premier League. Even though their top scorer is out of action, they should make the final four by the end of the season. However, if Chelsea earns enough points in the meantime, it might be all over they meet Chelsea on the pitch.

Conte doesn’t want the fans to think victory is already in the bag, but as their rivals know, it’s going to be tough to beat them now. If Chelsea wins against Everton on April 30, it really will be all over for their rivals as they would only need another 18 points to seal the deal and take the trophy home at the end of the season.

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